Cosmik Debris

 I missed the original Woodstock  August 15-17, 1969 because I had to work that summer near Pittsburgh (at   Dixmont State Mental Hospital) to help pay for Medical School.  It was probably the very best Woodstock!

         However, we did make it to the 25th Anniversary Woodstock (August 12-14, 1994) in Saugerties NY

.  Woodstock had its own money!!! (Hey, I still have my Woodstock condom!). And, of course, it rained, just like in the original.  This created "Mud People", who liked to help create others like them, and it was really difficult to navigate the terrain.  When we entered on Saturday, the Cranberries were on stage.  Then it rained like hell for about an hour or two.  I got separated from my 5 buddies before the rain because I wanted to check out "Eco-Village";  they also dispersed all over before and with the rain.  Our "blanket base" was gone!  I was glad I didn't drop acid because it sure was surreal enough just looking for any familiar face in a crowd of about 250,000 people.  It became a QUEST!  Finally we were all able to meet up about 5 hours later, quite by accident, and then went to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash;  they were followed at the same stage by Nine Inch Nails which was, in itself, awesome!  Below are some of the pictures from that Woodstock, with the (in)famous "Mud People".

         The 30th Anniversary Woodstock was held at Griffis Park (former Air Force base) in Rome, NY July 22-25, 1999.  This one was poorly planned from the outset.  The stage was way too far (2 to 3 miles) from the campsites, on hot tarmac, with no provision for shade anywhere.  People were sitting under semis just to get out of the searing sun.  And the prices were exhorbitant (only cash, no Woodstock money this time; small 17 fl. oz. spring water $3 a bottle, for example).That, besides the fact that no original Woodstock bands, and primarily "Punk/Alternative" bands were booked, caused a lot of rowdiness (and resentment) in a relatively young - and rude - crowd; it ended up with the infamous fire and riot on Sunday.  We left before that action, however.  I've also included pictures from that Woodstock (see Woodstock 1999 page).

        '99 was probably the last Woodstock.  The "Days of Peace and Music" were destroyed then and will likely be no more. In addition, there would now be tremendous security issues.

         Woodstock (1994)


          "Mud People Rumble" at Woodstock '94


A "Mud Family" at Woodstock '94 (Picture taken by Rick Loster)