Cosmik Debris

   My mission here is to share my Family Tree, photos, Grade School,High School, and College Reunion data, and blogs of a libertarian political and pantheo- philosophical bent, and some other stuff.

   As a retired psychiatrist, I spend much of my time now on the computer (also building and fixing them!), Internet, or doing puzzles such as Sudoku, Crosswords, Cryptoquips, Kakuro, etc.  I am a Meals On Wheels volunteer, too.  Avidly involved in genealogy (see my Family Tree of more than 32,000 persons, as a link to my page as "Fischer-Kaufhold Family Tree" on the Genealogy Page)...100% American with 100% German ancestry!


  Being a NASCAR fan, I have been to Poconos, Watkins Glen, Dover, Daytona, and Lowe's tracks, some several times.

Hobbies: Philately and numismatics (hah, stamps and coins!) and Ruby Red Depression Glass Collecting.


  • Family Photo Album: Includes  a clip of one of the family movies, with my graduations from St. Vincent College and Pitt Medical School, as well as some     shots of Chickies Rock, the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridges, and the Susquehanna River in the Columbia-Marietta (PA) area

  • The Morph:  Personal pictures, including a "morph" clip

  • Genealogy: (as above)

  •  Woodstock:  A write-up and pictures from the 1994 and 1999 Woodstock celebrations.

  • Class Reunions: Review of 2005's 50th Class Reunion of Holy Trinity Grade School (Class of 1955, Columbia,  Lancaster County, PA), class data, and nuns' bios; clip of the 50th Reunion DVD and Civil Defense "Duck   and Cover" film...remember the drills of hiding under the desks? Tribute to Ralph J. Brommer, Jr.;  50th Class Reunion of Lancaster Catholic High School (Class of 1959, Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA) -- 1959 Rosmarian complete. 50th Class Reunion of Saint Vincent College (Class of 1963, Latrobe, Westmoreland County, PA).
  •  Cosmik Polotiks: Political, philosophical reports or blogs ("Cracker Barrel)"

  • Favorite Things:  Lists of favorite movies, music groups, and songs from each decade from the 40's on;  Favorite Links; Pets; and "Doubles Drinking Game" rules (in both English and German).