Cosmik Debris

   My mission here is to share my Family Tree, photos, Grade School, High School, and College Reunion data, and blogs of a libertarian political and pantheo-philosophical bent, and some other stuff.

   As a retired psychiatrist, I spend much of my time now on the computer (also building and fixing them!), Internet, or doing puzzles such as Sudoku, Crosswords, Cryptoquips, Kakuro, etc.  I was a Meals On Wheels volunteer, for almost 10 years, prior to a recent back injury.  Avidly involved in genealogy (see my Family Tree of more than 300,000 persons mostly Lancaster County, PA, as a link to on the Genealogy Page of this website)...100% American with 100% German ancestry!


  Being a NASCAR fan, I have been to Poconos, Watkins Glen, Dover, Daytona, Lowe's, and Phoenix tracks, the first two tracks several times.

Hobbies: Philately and numismatics (hah, stamps and coins!) and Ruby Red Depression Glass Collecting.


  • Family Photo Album: Includes  a clip of one of the family movies, with my graduations from St. Vincent College and Pitt Medical School, as well as some shots of Chickies Rock, the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridges, and the Susquehanna River in the Columbia-Marietta (PA) area

  • The Morph:  Personal pictures, including a "morph" clip

  • Genealogy: (as above)

  •  Woodstock:  A write-up and pictures from the 1994 and 1999 Woodstock celebrations.

  • Class Reunions: Review of 2005's 50th Class Reunion of Holy Trinity Grade School (Class of 1955, Columbia,  Lancaster County, PA), class data, and nuns' bios; clip of the 50th Reunion DVD and Civil Defense "Duck   and Cover" film...remember the drills of hiding under the desks? Tribute to Ralph J. Brommer, Jr and 10 more deseased HT classmates.;  50th Class Reunion of Lancaster Catholic High School (Class of 1959, Lancaster, Lancaster County, PA) -- 1959 Rosmarian complete. 50th Class Reunion of Saint Vincent College (Class of 1963, Latrobe, Westmoreland County, PA).
  •  Blogs: Political, philosophical reports ("Cracker Barrel)"

  • Favorite Things:  Lists of favorite movies, music groups, and songs from each decade from the 40's on;  Favorite Links; Pets; and "Doubles Drinking Game" rules (in both English and German).